Rethink Visitor Engagement

Today, as we venture out into the world, everyone carries advanced Augmented Reality (AR) devices in their pockets.   Whether it’s for business, pleasure or education, getting more out of venues we visit should be simple, easy and effective.

Introducing VisitAR™ by Page 2, the first enterprise level Augmented Reality Visitor engagement solution.  VisitAR is created to enrich the experience of your venue or event by allowing you to drive traffic, engage visitors, gamify explorationall using the power of Augmented Reality.

Using your smart phone or tablet, VisitAR’s AR Lens allows you to augment key locations in your venue with compelling 3D imagery, expanding virtual real estate when and where you need it. 

VisitAR doesn’t use AR as a flashy gimmick; we instead have re-imagined the visitor experience as an engagement, interaction and education platform – adding more to your venue, all while being incredibly cost effective.

Empower your visitors with impressive mapping and navigation tools, increase dwell time, or drive traffic and transactions to where and when you want it. VisitAR also brings trade shows and conferences to a whole new level, adding value to both sponsors and delegates - connecting people efficiently with information or exhibitors, all while providing comprehensive analytics to inform your events team.

VisitAR currently offers a range of industry based solutions:

  • Conference & Exhibition

  • Zoo & Museum

  • Shopping Centre & Retail

  • Tourism & Attractions

Engage with VisitAR and show your venue in an all new reality.



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