AR Selfie, by Page 2, is something that grabs immediate attention whilst creating compelling socially shareable content championing your brand. Offering amazing Augmented Reality experiences without the need to download an app.


We custom create 3D experiences (from 2m² and up) that are fun, engaging and memorable, immersing participants in a different reality that is fun to watch and even more fun to play with. Further interactivity can be brought to the scene with the use of sensors, props and touch points.

AR Selfie is perfect for public attractions, shopping centres and airports – anywhere there is people.


The self-service touchscreen UI makes it very simple to operate:

  • Participants press start on the touchscreen and take their place in front of the camera

  • The main monitor shows them in the augmented scene with a countdown to capture

  • AR Selfie takes a photo or video and automatically posts it to your brands social feeds

  • An email/text link to the social post is sent to the participant for them to review and further share