Sydney, Australia - Page 2 announced the launch of The Chaos Game, a Virtual Reality experience developed for TAFE Digital, launching through TAFE Connected Learning Centres (CLCs).


The Chaos Game is a gamified cybersecurity experience, based on the continuous challenges and threats faced in defending a typical corporate computer network.  Players are handed a suite of tools, and asked to defend their network from a variety of threats - with an ever-increasing difficulty curve.  As well as this Defense mode, The Chaos Game also includes an Attack mode - giving players a separate set of tools and asking them to attempt to compromise the network in question.

Page 2 have developed a number of different versions of the game to ensure maximum accessibility. The showcase experience was designed for Room-Scale VR - using HTC Vive headsets in dedicated play spaces at TAFE CLCs. Additionally a Mobile VR (GearVR, Google Daydream) version was designed to ensure all students have an opportunity to play.

All development work on The Chaos Game was carried out in-house at Page 2’s Sydney VR studio - from assets generation and gameplay design, to application development and deployment.  Page 2 has been providing bespoke digital content creation services to corporate clients for fourteen years.

“TAFE NSW recognises that VR can immerse students in safe, realistic learning that prepares them for industry far more effectively than chalk and talk ever can” said Des Osborn, Content Hub Manager for TAFE Digital.  “User testing [of The Chaos Game] showed an immediate desire for uptake – students loved the presence and function of the elements in the VR world and commented on how great the experience is.”

“The key features and outcomes we were after, we got.” continued Des. “TAFE NSW and Page 2 felt more like a cohesive team working towards the best possible outcome for TAFE NSW students, rather than merely a business supplying us with a service and end-product.”


Virtual and Augmented Reality offer huge opportunities to brands, and they’ll play a major part in the way Australians consume media in the coming years. Organisations wanting to take advantage of the space can contact Page 2 through the below details.