What is VR, or 360 video for that matter and did someone mention AR? There’s a lot of abbreviations being thrown around when it comes to Virtual Reality. In this short video we’ll show you the differences and possible uses of 360 video, Virtual Reality and Mixed or Augmented Reality.

But if you prefer to read here’s the run down in text:

Commonly mistaken as VR, 360 video is basically video that wraps around your head giving you an immersive 360 degree view from a fixed point. You can view it using your phone, or better still by using a headset. It’s great for immersing your audience into a story or situation.

VR (Virtual Reality) ramps up the immersion and lets you move around and interact with objects in a 3D environment. It’s great for trade shows, events and one to one sales consultations.

Mixed Reality, or Augmented reality (AR), lets you use a device like a tablet or AR Headset (like the Microsoft Hololens) to project graphics on to your view of real life. We see this as being great for visual design projects and extending your software applications into real life.

That’s 360, VR and AR simply put.