While virtual and mixed reality are definitely new kids on the block when it comes to use by Australian corporates,  organisations such as Page 2 have been preparing for the wave for quite some time. Enter the Page 2 Realities Lab! 

The Realities Lab is a dedicated studio space primarily developed for the creation of VR and mixed reality content. It also doubles as an area where we can showcase and immerse clients in our latest VR projects. 

The lab itself is something we’re very proud of and features massive floor to ceiling VR themed graphics designed by in-house Content Creator, Nick Watson. To ensure we had the optimal design we created a room-scale VR pre-visualisation of the entire studio, allowing us to walk around inside the space before the final graphics were sent off to be printed.

Previsualisation of the Page 2 Realities Lab

One entire wall of the lab is a glass concertina door which opens up to the outdoors. Having the ability to open up the lab adds a whole new dimension and promises for some interesting alfresco VR events in the near future.  

In addition to the wall graphics and the concertina door, the realities lab also features some really great new technology. There are multiple Oculus tracking sensors around the lab allowing for room-scale VR experiences. These allow clients to literally walk around inside, and interact with their VR experience- with an unparalleled level of immersion. VR experiences are viewed through an Oculus Rift  Headset, with interaction provided by Oculus Touch hand controllers – all powered by a dedicated state of the art VR PC. HTC Vive and Gear VR headsets round out the facilities on offer. 

The Realities Lab is already in service here at Page 2 for development and testing of VR applications and experiences, planning and storyboarding in VR, 3D modelling in VR - and also as a VR demo space for clients. 

Use of the Page 2 Realities Lab is available to all Page 2 clients, so if you’d like to experience virtual or mixed reality and want to know how it may be able to work for you, come over and experience the Realities Lab for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.