Augmented Reality apps can be so much more than just a flashy gimmick. AR is a platform that allows us to enrich personal interactions with the world and create more engaging, memorable and informative experiences.

Each of us already own an advanced AR device – the humble smart phone. The beauty of AR is in the way that we can create an impressive, complex and interactive experience that feels stylish and simple with the majority of user interaction simply being through the phone’s camera. Being visually impressive yet so easy to use, AR apps are perfect for any age group.

The future of AR is undeniably exciting, but so is today.



Our Studio

Our boutique studio has extensive experience in Augmented Reality app development. We provide industry-based AR solutions for conferences & expos, museums, tourism, property development, manufacturing and education.  We help organisations unlock the amazing potential of Augmented Reality by developing impressive yet meaningful applications that optimise customer engagement while providing powerful statistical marketing feedback.


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Our Process

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The Feel Good AR APP

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