360 video production is a fun and exciting way to engage people and is best used when you want to show off a location or an event.

It gives the viewer 360 degree of access to the location, enabling them to explore and become full immersed in that environment.

Take people on a tour of your venue. Walk them through your process and unique story.  We have had the opportunity to shoot in Lamborghini's, at the launch of new restaurants and on Farms in regional Australia.


Our Gear

We use the some of the latest gear in our production of 360 videos. Our camera can record at 6k stereoscopic (3D) and 8k monoscopic. Production is all about getting creative with lighting and camera engagement.


Our boutique studio develops world class VR and AR apps, along with high quality 360 video production. We provide industry-standard solutions for conferences & expos, museums, tourism, property development, manufacturing and education.  We help organisations unlock the amazing potential of interactive media by developing impressive yet meaningful applications that optimise customer engagement while providing powerful statistical marketing feedback.

Our Studio


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