As with the interactive content, the main front signage panel can be easily removed and updated at any time to reflect campaign or brand updates, ensuring your Page 2 Video Kiosk will be an integral and effective part of your marketing mix for many years to come.

Page 2 will work in tandem with your existing marketing team and brand guidelines, utilise anycontent that you already have and create the rest. Our in-house production team uses the latest motion graphics and animation techniques to bring your branded Video Kiosk to life.


Content for your kiosk can be easily updated with a simple USB stick or via optional remote upload.

Page 2 Productions offers a complete turnkey solution from design all the way through to delivery,installation and service. Rest easy, you’re in good hands.

See it in use with our Australians at War Kiosk


The Page 2 Video Kiosk utilises the latest technology with each unit featuring a premium grade 27” HD touchscreen display, a quality audio system including subwoofer, and an integral auto booting fanless PC with solid state storage to ensure optimal reliability.

These components come together to provide a user friendly cinematic experience. All components, including the Kiosk itself, are covered by a one year warranty.


  • Remote content management and diagnostics (WiFi or 3G/4G)
  • Barcode reader (ideal for trade shows)
  • Printer
  • Headphone Package

For more information or to place an order contact Page 2 Productions on 02 9634 6265 or email